94 Piece Translucent Crystal 3D Piggy Bank Pig Puzzle (Pink)

Quick Overview

• Challenge your mind and create a unique and attractive translucent sculpture at the same time!

• High quality, clear puzzle pieces fit together tightly to form a beautiful crystal-like 3D sculpture

• Includes 94 3D, interlocking, pink puzzle pieces and instructions

• Assemble each piece in its precise order according to the instructions, or assemble the pieces out of order for an extreme 3D challenge

• For ages 12 and up, helps develop thinking in 3 dimensions, sorting skills, and logical thinking

• Package dimensions: 12” Long x 3″ Wide x 8.5” Tall  Weight: 1lb, 10oz


If you’re ready for a challenge, then this 3D puzzle is for you!  Each smooth, translucent piece fits into the puzzle in a precise, 3-dimensional way.  Matching the shape of the piece with the diagram in the instructions, you can assemble the pieces in in sequence according to their number.  Or, for an extreme challenge, scramble the pieces and try it without the instructions!  Either way, when you’re finished, you’ll have a unique and beautiful crystal-like translucent sculpture that you can display, or take apart and put back together again.  For ages 12 and up, this puzzle is great for improving sorting skills, 3-dimensional thinking, logic, and fine motor skills.

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