St Basil’s Cathedral 173 Piece 3D Puzzle

Quick Overview

* Perfect for Both Kids and Adults

* Perfect for friends as a unique gift

* Measures 23.6 inches high x 13.8 inches long x 16.5 inches wide

* Great fun for one builder or a family to work on together

* Puzzle is made of paper & expandable polystyrene (EPS) board


The famous St. Basil’s Cathedral was commissioned by Ivan the Terrible and built on the edge of the Red Square between 1555 and 1561.

Legend has it that on completion of the church the Tsar ordered the architect, Postnik Yakovlev, to be blinded to prevent him from ever creating anything to rival its beauty again.

The cathedral was built to commemorate Ivan the Terrible’s successful military campaign against the Tartar Mongols in 1552 in the besieged city of Kazan.

St. Basil’s is a delightful array of swirling colors and redbrick towers. Its design comprises nine individual chapels, each topped with a unique onion dome and each commemorating a victorious assault on the city of Kazan.

The eight-point star itself symbolizes the Christian Church as a guiding light to mankind, showing us the way to the Heavenly Jerusalem and it represents the Virgin Mary, depicted in Orthodox iconography with a veil decorated with three eight-pointed stars.

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